Facebook changes privacy setting again – this time to scale back sharing

Facebook changed the default privacy setting of all content sharing to be “Friends” instead of “Public”. It is understandable for Facebook to make this move as there are many users concern about their own privacy. For marketers who choose Facebook as one of their marketing channels, the change can mean less exposure of their marketing messages to the public. In this case, influencers (people who have large number of friends) is becoming more important in the target audience group. This information may not affect how you execute your data acquisition plan, but we think it will help to adjust your estimation on the ROI of Facebook marketing campaigns.

Retailers Look to Merge Offline and Online Shopping Experiences in 2014

In a November 2013 survey on US digital shoppers by consulting firm Accenture, it showed that up to 72% of respondents had “showroomed” (bought digitally after browsing at a store). Meanwhile, there are 78% of respondents bought in-store after browsing digitally.

We believe this figure is suggesting that both online and offline channels can enhance each other and bring a more comprehensive shopping experience to the consumers. After all, we know that the ultimate goal for retailers to embrace digital solutions is to drive sales.

The Case for the 5-Second Interactive

Big data in 2014 is certainly a hot topic. But given that complexity and large volume, we believe that communicating the meaning of data with people is a challenge that cannot be neglected. An article from the Harvard Business Review suggested some useful techniques on data visualization, i.e. eliminating unnecessary data to help user deciding where to focus, use animation to help making sense of the information.

We believe that effective data visualization can help management team to make better business decisions. In the area of digital marketing, as the amount of data which can be collected from the customer engagement cycle is growing, we find that there are a lot of tools or companies working on this and evolving with the big data technologies. As professional marketers, we are grateful to see this happening. We welcome more mature big data visualization tools to facilitate marketers making smarter moves.

Facebook Debuts Audience Network and Anonymous Login

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg made 2 key product announcements: the launching of Audience network and anonymous login.

We had Google’s AdMob and Apple’s iAds platforms dominating the in-app ads previously, but with the Audience Network, there is one more option for marketers to consider when they need to place ads on mobile app. But is this useful given the nature of Facebook is mainly social in nature, while Google and Apple has a more wide spread ads placement channels?

On the other hand, Anonymous Login allows users to decide what data they want to give to an app before signing in. We believe that this may change the data acquisition approach in social media campaigns. This function is still in testing stage and information is limited. We think this is a signal that customer data collection starts to turn to behavioral-focused rather than demographic-focused.