China’s Smartphone Population Passes Half a Billion

Accordingly to eMarketer’s report, there are 9 in 10 internet users used smartphone to browse websites instead of desktop computers at the end of last year in China. The number is still growing and it is very possible that every China’s internet user will go online through mobile phones. This report is not the only report to prove that the population of online mobile phone usage is growing. It serves as another convincing factor to start planning your marketing campaigns with the concept of “Mobile First”. Some keywords you may want to be familiar with: mobile sites, apps, QR codes, NFC, responsive layout.

US Mobile Ad Dollars Shift to Search Apps

eMarketer reported that there are increasing searches being done on mobile apps. Number of searches on search engines inside mobile browsers is decreasing. This change on search behavior is believed to be caused by the growing popularity of mobile apps and the increasing time that users are willing to spent on the them. Apps like Kayak (a travel related search app), Indeed (a job search app) and Amazon (an ecommerce sales app) are some examples of where the search engines traffic goes.

We believe that this report is suggesting us to explore other strategies while we may be focusing on search engine optimization only at this moment. We shall need to be aware of this change in the search engines industry and consider if there is a possibility to invest for being listed on relevant mobile apps.

Pinterest Rolling Out Self-Service Advertising

Pinterest has announced self-service advertising. Marketers can pay to promote their pins to reach more audience.

This is a good news to promotions that are visually-driven, especially. hospitality, food & beverage and fashion industry. Comparing to Instagram, Pinterest is quicker to monetize by launching this programme. We belive Instagram may soon launch a similar programme. While majority of Pinterest users are from the U.S., marketers in Asia Pacific region should keep an eye on this development as social media participation grows faster than that of Western countries. We shall continue to monitor this and report our latest findings at here.