Fashion industry embracing new technologies

While there are traditional fashion brands that have yet to adapt internet and new technologies, a slow but steady transformation had started in the industry. We can see brands like Dolce & Gabanna has begun to start marketing digitally, with the assistance of an agency, Fashionbi. Fashionbi has started 3 years ago with an initial goal to encourage Italy’s fashion brands to embrace digital marketing strategies. They help analyse brands’ social media marketing performance and how customers behave on e-commerce sites, e.g. how long they stay on one product, how many products they browse, which are the most popular products, etc.

This type of analytic model can be applied to other industries as well. As customer behavior online changes, we believe a comprehensive analytic model will be beneficial for brands to gain deeper insights on what customers want and deliver more relevant messages to them, delivering a more engaging customer experiences.

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Transformers: Age of Digital

In the age of digital, nearly all marketers are undergoing digital transformation. Industry professionals have their definitatino for “digital transformation”:  the realignment of, or new investment in, technology and business models to more effectively engage digital customers at every touchpoint in the customer experience lifecycle. In the transformation process, technology is important, but we believe that understanding customer journey is also critical for such efforts. Marketing team can work efficiently on this when they combine their understanding of the customers with technology team. Therefore, based on data released by Accenture (July 2014), we can see more CIOs and CMOs takes steps to work together. It might be a win-win strategy for both the companies and customers to confront the digital transformation.

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