Apple iOS 8.1 is up and we are ready

Apple iOS 8.1 is released last week which has highlighted updates including bug fixes, functionality for several “Continuity” features, iCloud Photo Library, Apple Pay and the return of the Camera Roll. One of the most anticipated features “Apple pay” (for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus), however, can only support US market for now, the Hong Kong market will need to wait. We believe this new feature is worth for looking forward to while mobile commerce is a growing trend. Customers should be expecting a more convenient way to shop on iOS devices.
In the mean time of waiting for good news, we are prepared for the changes and would like to happily announce that: our websites and mobile apps are iOS 8.1 ready! We like to say a big thank you to our team for quick testing. Keep an eye on our channel for further news of business opportunities iOS 8.1 bring us.

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HTML5 specification finalized

After 15 years of waiting, the latest version of HTML’s specification is now finalized. We are expecting more improvements on the language to accommodate the evolving needs of mobile browsing and multimedia content support (e.g. visuals, audio and video). One of the most important features of HTML5 is the video tag and it enables our web to include videos in a much simplified manner.
As a marketer, however, we still need to be aware of how quickly our customer would adopt the changes. Not all customers are keeping their browsers updated (especially for customers who may need to go through numerous steps before they convince their organizations to upgrade their workplace browsers). We cannot ignore the hidden cost (time and efforts to educate customers for the change) before our customers and end users can experience the cool features that deliver better customer engagement.

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Google launches their new email app ‘Inbox’

Google has recently launched a new email app called “Indox”. It introduces a new function that provides users a way of reading important messages and getting things done more easily. How? By adding more intelligence to this product so that it extracts useful information such as flight times, event invitations and attached photos from the email content. It also allows the exchange of information within user’s devices (between apps). Only a selected group of users are invited to try this app for now.
We still don’t know how much improvement it brings to users. We consider this as an evolutionary step in semantic web and artificial intelligence. It also brings change to the email marketing sector. Email promotions’ format may vary drastically in the future so that it gets the attention of the email app.
We will share our findings and any insights with you later. Stay tuned.

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Getting People to Believe in Something They Can’t Yet Imagine

We are all talking about embracing new technologies for customer engagement now. As a professional marketer, we need to keep pace with the environment changes ourselves and also need to persuade people around us to believe these changes are worthwhile. (e.g. good for improving ROI). It is not surprising to hear practitioners reporting desperate situations when they need to introduce their companies some new changes for digital marketing; for example, we heard story of marketing teams “hating” to use analytic tools (for social media / website traffic) as they originally do not need to use them in their routine work.
The article from Harvard Business Review suggested a few methods to tackle these challenges, including:
1) Introduce the innovative ideas indirectly (e.g. polish it as a leak or incremental improvement)
2) Demonstrate the ideas (can be in prototype form)
3) Propose the innovation as a pilot project
4) Present the inevitability of changes
It depends on what problem the company is encountering and the resource you have on hand to decide what kind of method you need to use. Try thinking out of the box, you may get something innovative for pushing innovation forward.

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