Effectiveness of Using Custom Audiences on Facebook

Facebook Custom Audiences is a very promising concept and gives a great potential to digital marketing. Advertisers can target a specific set of people who have already established relationship with us through Facebook or other online channels. More impactful customer engagement could be achieved by blasting relevant Facebook ads to those customers.

Taking a college or educational intuition as an example, the cost of recruiting and enrolling a new college student is significant. By using the function of custom audiences, marketing or recruitment team can blast Facebook ads to their inquiry and admitted lists specifically. The process is simple: upload the email address of each custom audience you want to create (the email addresses are hashed and Facebook won’t know your customer list, so you’re not threatening the privacy of potential targets), and Facebook will match that information with the user profiles and display the ad to corresponding users.

Besides uploading a customer list, we may consider creating custom audiences for website, which is also powerful to engage target audiences on Facebook who visited or took specific actions on our websites.

We love to hear from you to see what you think about this new Custom Audience feature. We will also keep exploring more new functions and insights in the upcoming blog posts.

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How to Use Custom Audiences:

Value creation is the best way to attract customer attention

Content (visuals and copies) is the most important component in any successful digital marketing strategy. Good quality content can deliver better response rate and ROI across different digital channels: social media platforms, promotional emails and websites. Through a well designed content strategy, we may engage our customers more effectively. In other words, it builds customer loyalty.

But what exactly can we do to deliver content with better quality?

A recent article from Harvard Business Review gives us some advices: stop aiming to seek attention when we draft our marketing content, try create values for our customers instead. Values can be created by imposing more care on customers, so that we can obtain lasting respect, enduring trust and undying gratitude.
Here are some key suggestions from the article on improving the content strategy quality for marketers:

  1. Educate customers, not try to win “clicks” by irrelevant funny content, i.e. how content can help customers develop capabilities and skills for better lives (not dully lecturing them on products benefits)
  2. Aim for connection instead of “virality”, e.g. elevate the channel as a platform for customers to seek for useful advices and connected with like-minded parties (who like the same brand / product).

Read the article for more details and interesting examples.

The power of retargeting

Given the emerging trend of digital marketing to be more data-driven, we believe “Retargeting” is an important concept for professional marketer to explore. If we would like to explain the concept in a simple sentence, it can be: Retargeting can bring the right ad to right people at the right place. It increases effectiveness of targeting to interested customers, thus drives sales, improves the brand recognition and overall ROI on marketing.

So, how does it work?

Agencies or businesses pay to the ad group networks to get higher exposure on their promotion content. The ad group network can then display relevant online ads on the website to visitors who browse related websites within their channels. Retargeting identifies visitors by capturing cookies which enable ad group network utilizing demographics and browsing history data to draw potential customers to websites. For example, the ad group network can display a London Hotel’s promotion web banner if you recently visit a lot of London travel information websites.

We can see a growing importance of retargeting. Marketers now adopt behavioral data as well for accomplishing various marketing purposes such as dormant customer re-engagement and delivering cross-sell/upsell campaigns.

Retargeting can be done in various channels such as social network, websites, mobile apps, and email promotions. Social network is the most popular retargeting channels among the above as recent research showed that it drives almost 3 times more impressions and clicks. Take the leading social network platform Facebook as an example: they always display ads relevant to you when you browse your news feeds.

We shall share more tips on retargeting in our blog soon. Stay tuned!

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