Email marketing hasn’t gone!

While the digital market is flooded with different new emerging channels like Facebook and Twitter, almost all of us forget one traditional but powerful channel – email.

A well-built, content-rich eDM is an effective way to increase sales and sales conversion. eDM message which is relevant to your target audience could create personalized customer needs and thus triggers sales of the products. There is one extra benefit for blasting out e-newsletters regularly – to keep your brand exposed to the customers.

The value of the email channel is not only from the message itself, but also the customers’ email addresses and the behavioral data captured in the campaigns. For example, by using the behavioral data, we can set custom audiences for our Facebook Ad. Email address is a key for various digital engagement channels (e.g. social media). We, marketers therefore can reach them across multi-channel interactions, gather their behavioral data from different sources and build up a valuable database according to each customer’s different levels of engagement.

Understanding the customers’ digital engagement behavior and the channels’ effectiveness could help us improving our interaction strategies and create better values for our customers. A case study1 of one major US online retailer indicated the integration of email and social media can generate a greater impact. It shows that audiences who read both the Facebook ads and e-newsletter become more likely to purchase than those who receive the message from one channel only.

We can see that email marketing is becoming the connective fiber of the customer journey by linking the channels to keep customers satisfied. By planning your email marketing strategy smartly, we believe that both you and your customers can be the winners.

1 Results based on a US retailer’s email and Facebook advertising program conducted over two weeks in April 2014, targeting 925,000 US email subscribers using Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Facebook Custom Audiences. Facebook Offline Conversion Measurement matched and correlated ad impressions to email engagement and transactions. Findings are observational.

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