Mobile Audience Targeting is a Strategic Direction for Digital Marketers

Marketers had voiced out their concerns on the veracity of the data used for mobile audience. Yet, marketers still invested more on mobile audience targeting: In 2014, 75% of the digital media and marketing professionals who had been surveyed by eXelate have targeted ads to specific audience segments on smartphones, and 73.1% of them did so on tablets. Why? We believe marketers could not afford to miss the m-commerce opportunities.

In China, m-commerce is maturing due to the rapid growth of affordable mobile infrastructure and hence user base. Cinema in China have worked with mobile carrier to target customers who are in close proximity to their premise, promoting the latest movie hits. Movie tickets can be purchased through a mobile app.

We think the mobile company can further enhance their promotions based on consumer behavior. For example, cinemas may target consumers who have previously viewed a movie trailer (re-targeting) or a movie review.

Marketers need to pay attention to privacy concerns when conducting target marketing. Obtaining consumer consent before accessing geo-information based on GPS, cellular or Wi-Fi network is essential. After all, building consumer trust is always a priority for successful branding and m-commerce efforts.

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