Mobile-Friendly Email Marketing in China

A new report conducted by Custora found that email had brought more customers than Facebook and Twitter combined since 2009 and the number kept growing in the following four years. Email marketing is the opportunity that marketers cannot miss. Think one step further: a mobile-friendly email will help you read more customers more effectively as there are more people managing their email by mobile phones than ever.

Do we see the same trend in China? Is there a necessity to design mobile-friendly email in China market? The answer is a definite “yes”. A report released by CNNIC in 2014 revealed that the percentage of mobile internet user base has overtaken PC internet user base. With this high growth in mobile internet, we can see more people will access their e-mail with their mobile devices.

Meanwhile, mainland developer NetEase (Hangzhou) Network released an Email app “Mail Master” in 2014 and a much refined version a few weeks ago. This app supports a wide range of email services provider, such as 163 Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, QQ, and more. Users can manage email account easily and quickly, just like native Gmail app. It is obvious that there is good opportunity on mobile email for a well-known internet company to enter this market and keep on investing on the app.

Mobile-friendly email marketing is descriptively designed for mobile users, users can see the content clearly without scrolling up and down is hardly the case. With mobile-friendly email reaching your customers, they are more willing to continue to receive your email as it looks better on their mobile devices. With relevant content (time / location), it also encourages users to forward your e-mail, causing a viral effect. Know more about how to make a mobile-friendly email marketing from this article. (7 Tips to Make Your Email Marketing More Mobile-Friendly

Besides being mobile-friendly, move one step further and deliver mobile responsive email to gain an edge. You can create a mobile responsive email by applying responsive images and layout.

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This blog article is contributed by Tanya Wong, our Marketing Intern.