Top 2 SEO tactics: Keywords AND Content

A recent survey to marketing professionals has evaluated both effectiveness and difficulty on different Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics. It indicated that relevant content creation and keyword/phrase research would be the top 2 most effective measures for SEO implementation.

Given the evolution of search algorithm, there is no surprise that these 2 tactics ranked the highest in this survey. The quality of content of a website is getting more important when search engines support semantic search, focusing more on users’ intent and contextual meaning of terms.

Meanwhile, we can see that in terms of execution difficulties, “relevant content creation” ranked as the second highest in the list, following “relevant link building”. We believe such difficulties are caused by companies implement their SEO plan through outsourcing. (according to the survey, 81% of the respondents outsource some or all of their SEO work). Outside SEO experts, who lack domain knowledge, may not be able to provide lots of assistance for content creation if they cannot work closely with their clients.

Instead of just inputting meta keywords in the HTML codes (which is an outdated practice now) and repeating keywords in content, marketers need to tackle the challenge of content creation by drafting content that attracts target audiences’ attention. The keyword/phase research reports can mainly act as a good source of reference for marketing team.

Take a French restaurant in a 5-star hotel as an example, we find target customers are more interested in cuisine, classy dining environment and signature dishes after researching. We shall then highlight those content on our web copy, e.g. describe the dining environment in more details, add more visuals of the restaurant’s interior design / cuisine.

Marketing teams can also arrange more discussions with the SEO agencies on content strategies. By exchanging the knowledge of both parties, the content created will bring more values to target customers and hence, better ranking in search engines results page.

The tactics we choose are important, but to push things forward, we need to execute them in a right way with careful planning, efficient communication and concerted effort from different parties.
Talk to your SEO agencies and discuss how the content could be improved for better search results. We hope by starting this conversation, you can maximize your return on SEO investment.

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