How to deal with the talent gap for digital marketing adaption?

There is no doubt that digital marketing is booming and engaging customers via digital/online channels is on the top priority list of many marketers. However, Adobe has shared an infographic that revealed an alarming sign that the talent gap is stopping marketers from harnessing the power of digital marketing in full.

To deal with the talent gap, outsourcing to external agencies would be a possible solution. The next question would be: What kind of marketing efforts could be outsourced? More importantly, how to work closely with a marketing agency such that it would deliver positive results?

There are four main phases for digital marketing framework:
I. Set goals, target, KPIs
II. Design customer engagement / interaction
III. Execute Programs
IV. Measure, govern, improve via feedback

As a digital starter, start off the process by selecting the right partner – it should be large enough to have the capability and qualified talents to handle your job but small enough to provide flexibility and care. If you like the team in the pitch, ensure they are the ones who will deliver – not handling to another team.

You will need to have close cooperation with the selected agencies to walk you through for all the above phases. Treat your agency as “an extension to your team” so that you can be open and direct with your needs and limitations. Digital campaigns usually engage customers at multiple touch-points and at different stages of purchase cycle. Therefore, it’s important to involve relevant stakeholders – marketing, sales, IT and the agency contact point – in campaign formulation & communication.

Many marketers share the view that the most difficult part is “trust building”. We tend to think this is a two-way process. Marketers can set goals with the agency so that there is a sense of “shared responsibility”. Agency needs to be open with their charging scheme and stay on their commitment. Transparency is always key to building trust. In digital marketing, data is usually very transparent so it is already a good start.

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