Watch out for 3 key digital tendencies in Asia

A recent digital conference drawn a number of predictions expect to take off in Asia.

1. Social media will take over the other forms of communication with brands. The Instant messaging app WeChat is a good example of connection between brand and consumers. Brands can reach the consumers to have conversations and even make payment. There is no doubt WeChat is a good platform to connect brands with the Chinese market. Some additional services and values can be made in WeChat as well. Let’s get through the business opportunities created by WeChat in our coming blog posts!

2. The importance of the mobile-readiness. It has been long-forecasted and should not be ignored. Consumers reach brands through mobile anywhere at any time with their mobile devices. Mobile is also a tool for business to act as a bridge to bring your consumers from offline to online and vice versa. Many businesses are already taking advantage of these mobile opportunities. It is not difficult to see people getting discount by scanning QR code coupons or following social media accounts established by brands. However, what else we can further do for our consumers from offline to online? Read our upcoming O2O (offline-to-online) series.

3. The emergence of HTML5 is a notable trend. It’s time to make good friend with it as most mobile platforms no longer support Adobe Flash, in favor of HTML5. Given the majority of web visitors are shifting to use mobile devices, HTML5 is expected to be the de facto technology for delivering interactive web experience. HTML5 can also bring new opportunities for online marketing e.g. geolocation, offline storage. Sounds interesting? Learn more about HTML5 by following us here.

We will share more tips on adopting WeChat Marketing, O2O lead generation and introducing our good friend HTML5 on the blog! We love what we do.

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