Reposition Facebook Messenger in your marketing strategy

During the Facebook F8 developer conference on March 25, the company had announced an exciting update on their instant messaging platform: Businesses on Messenger. This opens the door for businesses to engage with people in a rich and personalized way. Companies can finally interact with their customers in a conversational style on Facebook platform.

There are 600 million users using Facebook Messenger now and it is nearly triple of number it had a year ago. This large amount of users increased the business value of the platform especially when the company has a lot of existing customers using it. Like many other instant messaging platforms (e.g. WeChat, LINE), companies may enjoy the benefits of the one-to-one dialogue design – effectively communicate with their customer. Marcus, the former PayPal CEO who had helped to jumpstart Facebook message app, also wanted this tool to help solving the problem of businesses encountering difficulties to get attention though email channels.

This is an exciting moment for marketers: Given the popularity of Facebook marketing nowadays, we are already familiar with engaging our customers by different means in Facebook (e.g. Fan pages, Ads, games). Marketers can now combine this new feature with existing CRM solutions to deliver more values to customers. For example, customers can contact the hotel’s customer service directly on the messenger to request for recommending hotel activities / restaurants, assuming they have a profile in their CRM platform, it is possible to automatically recommend a more relevant proposal based on their cuisine preferences, past transaction records (Love visiting Spa / Gym? Like to order in-room services?).

While this feature is not yet available and may subject to a slow launch, we shall keep an eye on this and let you know any progress for an Asia Pacific launch. Stay tuned!

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Getting People to Believe in Something They Can’t Yet Imagine

We are all talking about embracing new technologies for customer engagement now. As a professional marketer, we need to keep pace with the environment changes ourselves and also need to persuade people around us to believe these changes are worthwhile. (e.g. good for improving ROI). It is not surprising to hear practitioners reporting desperate situations when they need to introduce their companies some new changes for digital marketing; for example, we heard story of marketing teams “hating” to use analytic tools (for social media / website traffic) as they originally do not need to use them in their routine work.
The article from Harvard Business Review suggested a few methods to tackle these challenges, including:
1) Introduce the innovative ideas indirectly (e.g. polish it as a leak or incremental improvement)
2) Demonstrate the ideas (can be in prototype form)
3) Propose the innovation as a pilot project
4) Present the inevitability of changes
It depends on what problem the company is encountering and the resource you have on hand to decide what kind of method you need to use. Try thinking out of the box, you may get something innovative for pushing innovation forward.

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